Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Taking stock of set-backs pt 3: Car repairs

We were so excited last spring when we purchased our new-to-us car--with cash--and had begun the life of the two-car family and the freedom that that would allow us. Indeed, we really have enjoyed the station wagon with all its space and available room for the girls and our large travel arrangements. It's a little rough on gas at times, but it is a real blessing having both cars around. Even with all of their woes.

This summer, you remember, we had the transmission blow on the station wagon as soon as we finished all of our long travels. $2000 later and a drained bank account later, we made it back up to New York with no great trials (except for Caleb's lost wedding ring) via DC and Emily's sister and brother-in-law's. When we got back to New York, however, we noticed that there was something funny with the breaks. When we took the car in to get it checked out, the very friendly (also very trustworthy) mechanic we found we needed new breaks and new tires. $900 later (and another cleared out bank account and our summer bonus money spent) we have a very fine car. To be honest with you, it was here that I realized we were going to be in for a long, hard slog.

With medical bills, car repairs, house cleanings, and other distracting monetary struggles we are finally coming back to where we were. I'll admit that the temptation is to be discouraged is just slightly stronger than overwhelming from time-to-time. I'd like nothing better than to pout and shake my fist towards the heavens, but that's ridiculous: the heavens are neither to blame nor in any position to respond. Taking time to look over the progress we have made over the year despite of the set-backs has been a real encouragement for us. Though we have struggled against That Horrible Woman and against our lack of affluence and the uncertainty of our position, we are still on some course towards success in our endeavors.

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